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10-12 мая 2018 Одесса "Идентификация при массивной травме"

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Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Odessa National Medical University
Association of Forensic-medical Examiners of Ukraine
65082 Ukraine, Odessa, Valikhovskiy lane, 2 (048) 723-22-25

Odessa national medical university and Association of forensic-medical examiners of Ukraine inform You, that on the 10th-12th of May, 2018 in Odessa an international practical-scientific conference “Organization and performing of complex means in the case of massive traumatism to identify the person” will be held.
Main directions of the conference:

- modern aspects of person’s identification in the case of forensic-medical examination;
- legislative regulation of forensic-medical examinations in the case of person’s identification;
- new complex approach of person’s identification in the case of large number of victims (including in the result of blast injury)

Forms of participation in conference are as follows::

- oral report and publication of the article;
- publication of the article;
- listener.

Official languages of the conference: Ukrainian, English.

To participate in conference it is necessary to send application form on the e-mail expert_gen@rambler.ru till the 1st of May, 2018 року (supplement 1).

Requirements for the oral report:
oral report should be no longer than 10 minutes. Speech in discussion – till 3 minutes. Authors of the works, which will be chosen by the commission for oral report, will receive till the 1st of April, 2018 a notification.

Materials of the conference will be published in scientific-practical reviewing journal “Forensic-medical expertise”, which is professional from medical sciences in specialty “forensic-medical expertise” (see supplement 2)

Plenary sessions will be held at the conference hall of hotel “Arcadia” (Odessa, Genuezskaya str., 24-a)

The accommodation of the participants of the conference will be in hotel “Arcadia”

On all matters, related to conference, contact Umanskiy Dmitriy (e-mail: expert_gen@rambler.ru, phone number +38-050-549-74-51, WhatsApp, Viber +38-063-127-36-02)

Head of the department of forensic medicine
of Odessa national medical university,
head of the Odessa regional bureau of
forensic-medical examinations,
M.D., professor Grigoriy Krivda

Head of the Association of
forensic-medical examiners of Ukraine,
member of Ministry’s of Health of Ukraine
expert group on forensic-medical expertise,
Ph.D., associate professor,
Honoured doctor of Ukraine Valeriy Vojchenko


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